In the Light of Love

In the Light of Love

In the Light of Love went through numerous layers and filled with many nuances, marks, scratches and texturing. When it began I was really loving the colours and where it was heading, then it all went to ruin. More layers, texture, colour… again I experienced the up and then down, from happy to ruin. Then again. I kept at it though, and finally when I was about to wave the white flag, I felt compelled to go ahead and complete it… In the darkness, In the Light of Love appeared. There’s something that speaks to the soul of life and I very much felt the influence of the recent events in Paris at work.

It is my hope that we, as humanity, rise above the triggers to judge and hate, to see a bigger picture and remain, In the Light of Love.

“Why are you still hidden?

Say openly where and who we are,

you, grace and content of the seen and unseen,

you, this exuberant confusio


What kind of love is this

where the heart’s eloquence and the way it is heard

keep explaining again

how the whole ocean makes a single pearl?”

~ Rumi

In the Light of Love

Acrylic Abstraction on Canvas, 20″ x 16″

Illuminated Hearts

Illuminated Hearts

Here’s the fourth and final abstract painting I did while in France for the month of August.

This one changed significantly through a few layers, with each one I experimented; what will happen if I do this? And then, this?

I began with water and Earth, as I did with each painting, connecting to the land. Then added a first bit of colour… Then, gentle additions…

Well, then I added another layer and the colours, that began as vibrant turne

d somewhat dull. Obviously, a warm clashed with a cool to make this muddyish mix. I felt like I was stirring the proverbial pot!

So, what was I to do? I chilled for a bit and felt into my heart. I contemplated where I was at that day; how I was feeling, what was I experiencing, and what wanted to be expressed.

This trip wasn’t all peaches and cream. There were some really tough moments mixed in. I had quite a significant setback physically during our travels to France, and what came with it was some very tender emotions, frustrations and feeling broken. There were indeed moments of overwhelm.

Paul was experiencing his own challenges;his Achilles inflamed again, enou

gh that he sacrificed running in a few races of the World Master’s Championships and cheered on his athletes instead. I know it was hard for him to be on the sidelines.

We had a couple of iffy moments, but we’ve developed a level of communication (while sometimes a bit shaky) and trust that have always served to get us through whatever trials we face together, and this trip was no different. I think we’ve proved to each other that we can be counted on, that we never let each other down when it counts, and that ultimately there is a great deal of love and respect.

So, I felt into Love, and I looked with Love, at Love.

I began to see a couple of hazy shapes and I outlined them very loosely, and they became like these Angel Lovers. I did not want to get hung up on design and definition as I’ve been yearning to be free of perfectionism, so I left them in this very abstract state.

At first, I felt embarrassed with the painting. I didn’t want anyone to see it. But, as I took it up to our room in the chateau and laid it next to the others, I developed a fondness for it, and dare I say it, I could imagine framing it and seeing it on a wall. The next thing I knew I was in love with it.

A couple of hours later, off we went to see a castle. It was on the top of a very steep winding hill I didn’t know how I was going to manage, but I didn’t want to wait at the bottom while the others went up without me. So, I reached out to Paul and he held strong, pulling me along side him the whole way up.

I didn’t care one bit how hard it was for him or me because all there was, was Love. When I saw this photo, it seemed like destiny for the painting I finished earlier to be called ‘Illuminated Hearts’. Even though we look tired and strained I can also see our hearts radiating vibrantly just like in the painting.

This piece would be perfect for anyone wanting to attract a soul partner or to celebrate an existing unconditionally loving relationship.

“Oh Beloved,
take me.
Liberate my soul.
Fill me with your love and
release me from the two worlds.
If I set my heart on anything but you
let fire burn me from inside.

Oh Beloved,
take away what I want.
Take away what I do.
Take away what I need.
Take away everything
that takes me from you.”

~ Rumi

~ Illuminated Hearts by Kiernan Antares ~

Abstraction on Canvas Paper, 12″ x 16″

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

‘Morning Glory’ was my third of four abstract paintings I did while in France.

My post Thunderstruck by love in France shares snippets of our trip – a very basic overview with also a sense of how I connected with the land and the voice within, while in The Lookout I share more intimately how I was moved to express this voice – claiming more and more of my authentic self.

Our time in France was during a Venus retrograde period; a time of reflection and emotions coming to the surface, and boy did they ever. I experienced some magnetically moving moments of love filled with so much grace as I connected with this land and my heart, but there were times it took some really low low’s to overcome to get there.

It was so indicative of this whole year, powerfully transformative, love and gratitude, mixed in with a whole lot of challenging and overwhelming moments.

It’s interesting that when I posted a work-in-progress photo of this piece on Facebook, the responses back indicated that they felt it was a depiction of a sea or ocean – very watery. My reaction to that was, ‘no no – it’s not finished then’ because to me it held more elements than just water, which represents our emotions.

It needed to be touched or balanced with more depth; from Above and Below – a processing to move the emotions into something of more substance.

Here’s another view of Morning Glory – as it was drying with the sun shining upon it. The colours look richer here probably because of the dark stones reflection around it. Hmmm… I see a hummingbird in there, reaching for its nectar…


“The hummingbird spirit animal symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being.” ~ Spirit Animal

~ Morning Glory by Kiernan Antares ~

Awaken me, oh Morning Glory
to the essential harmonies of nature,
inspire within me a renewed sense
of soulful enthusiasm
and I am yours for the taking.

My offering to the seen and unseen…

May my shimmering brilliance and vitality
spread light like a flowering vine,
In radiance,
I speak my truth, I live my dreams,
I am Vibrant, alive, and fully seen.

~ Morning Glory by Kiernan Antares ~

Abstraction on Canvas Paper, 12″ x 16″

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Copyright 2015, Kiernan Antares, All Rights Reserved

Mountain Pride

Mountain Pride

‘Mountain Pride’ is an abstract piece I painted during my stay at a chateau in Moire, France. In my post ‘The Lookout’ I describe what it was like to take in the lay of the land; the richness and aliveness of it, and how I processed it into paintings, so I encourage you to read it.

It’s not uncommon for me, and perhaps other artists, to be inspired or influenced by events or experiences that have yet to happen. I believe that was the case in painting ‘Mountain Pride’.

At the end of the day when I uploaded my photos, something struck me as interesting. Now, with an eye for seeing the unseen, I immediately connected my painting to this photo I took of a good friend, who we traveled with in France. Doug, or Shaggy as he prefers to be called, is quite an interesting character and one of the kindest and most considerate people I know.

Can you see him in this painting? I kept this impression to myself, until I posted the painting on Facebook and left a comment for Shaggy. Happily, yes, he did see it and is adding this piece to his art collection!

So, why would I paint this? What was I thinking or feeling at the time? Sadly, I did not write down what specifically I was experiencing during its painting, but I do remember that I was filled with grace. I do remember that Shaggy and I shared a common bond of basking in the sunsets and alerting each other to possible beautiful shots awaiting.

I do remember that we also shared some quiet contemplative mornings together, separately but in each others space, so to speak, with coffee, journaling, and enjoying the fresh air. I do remember a nice talk about life at a cafe in Paris together.

And, I do remember connecting deeply to the spirit of the land and the human spirit, and on this trip there was an abundance of loving kindness, camaraderie, support, cheering each other on in triumph and being there when things got tough.

Now, of course this painting has an element of cosmic connection, which I think is perfectly perfect for my reflections on this piece and its relationship as or to the Yogi Warrior:

“Here is where you live. Come inside.

Touch what is not, and then this is.

Raise dust in both worlds.

Then the going goes the same:

Pain, difficulty; peace, pleasure.

But you are beyond those four,

Beyond the winding way.”

~ Rumi

You are the Yogi Warrior and you carry the Medicine Way within you, for you walk in reverence to the preservation of all life, as you pursue your heart’s calling – your destiny. A yogi warrior knows his purpose in this life. He knows how to utilize his talents and abilities in service to the greater good and when he fuses his passion with selfless service, he inevitably becomes a teacher, leader, guide, and mentor to others on their journey.

The great mountain and the zenith sun remind you of the goals you wish to accomplish. Mother Earth opens her lands for you to walk your noble journey.

~ Mountain Pride by Kiernan Antares ~ SOLD

Abstraction on Canvas Paper, 12″ x 16″

Copyright 2015, Kiernan Antares, All Rights Reserved

The Lookout

The Lookout

‘The Lookout’ is an abstract landscape piece I painted during my stay at a chateau in Moire, France. In the midst of the Beaujolais region, surrounded by vineyards, and gorgeous scenery, my heart delighted in every moment. The lookout – or hideaway was an alcove on a plateau where I set up my easel. I took the view of the valley, the vineyards, the villages, and the beauty into my heart and painted this very abstract impressionist piece of what I felt.

Day after day I sat and gazed. Really, what could one do, or maybe what could an artist do, but this?

Sitting, gazing and breathing. Just watching. The subtle shifts of light. The row upon row of grapevines – imagining their sweet nectar.

In a land, where it really is all about the land and the growing of these beauties and the sustenance of its peoples. I could feel this, as I sat. As I felt and listened with an inner ear.

I could feel the power and marvel of the land – as much as I could feel it in an ancient place like Egypt.

Except here, there was much  silence. No hum of a city. Other than occasional passing vehicles in this tiny village and the church bells that rang every 15 minutes – it was silence.

As soon as all the friends we shared the chateau with, who were there to compete in the World Masters Track & Field Championships left for their daily trek into Lyon to the track to race, there was silence.

A near deafening silence. There was eternal peace. A peace so deep one could breathe it in to the very depths of one’s being. A peace so deep to bask in.

A peace so deep, one could sigh the whole world out, and breathe in the silence.

A silence that contained everything and nothing.

You are left to feel your blood rushing in your ears and in your body and feel nothing else but that moment.

It was those moments that were painted alive on the paper. For you, to feel and to see.

“Dear mind, such a traveler, always moving,

like a fish looking for the sea,

while the great heart’s ocean waits,

all around and inside it.

How can you live outside this love?”

~ Rumi

~ The Lookout by Kiernan Antares ~

Abstraction on Canvas Paper, 12″ x 16″


Copyright 2015, Kiernan Antares, All Rights Reserved


Come see my little painting hideaway during my stay at a chateau in Moire, France.