In the Light of Love went through numerous layers and filled with many nuances, marks, scratches and texturing. When it began I was really loving the colours and where it was heading, then it all went to ruin. More layers, texture, colour… again I experienced the up and then down, from happy to ruin. Then again. I kept at it though, and finally when I was about to wave the white flag, I felt compelled to go ahead and complete it… In the darkness, In the Light of Love appeared. There’s something that speaks to the soul of life and I very much felt the influence of the recent events in Paris at work.

It is my hope that we, as humanity, rise above the triggers to judge and hate, to see a bigger picture and remain, In the Light of Love.

“Why are you still hidden?

Say openly where and who we are,

you, grace and content of the seen and unseen,

you, this exuberant confusio


What kind of love is this

where the heart’s eloquence and the way it is heard

keep explaining again

how the whole ocean makes a single pearl?”

~ Rumi

In the Light of Love

Acrylic Abstraction on Canvas, 20″ x 16″

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