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Poetry Book

Borne to Unfurl

“Borne to Unfurl” takes the reader on an introspective journey of spirituality, familial love, growth, and healing. Through vivid poetic narration and striking imagery, poetess Kiernan Antares instigates an all-encompassing awakening within the reader that gains momentum page by page. Moreover, this collection of heartfelt poetry touches base with a wide spectrum of the human emotion: from grief and heartbreak to empowerment and sheer joy (and everything in between)—all infused with the reverence of our loving Creator.


“Borne to Unfurl is spiritual poetic storytelling at its finest. The sheer heartfelt emotion alone grips one’s soul and leaves an enduring impression on the reader’s psyche.”

— Eva Xan, Poetry Editor

Art Book

Canada Legacy Series

A collection of paintings and writings of the artist’s year-long journey exploring diversity across Canada. In this book, Kiernan Antares shares her experience weaving together painterly stories of our past, present, and potential across Canada’s territories and provinces.


Phoenix Star

Following an unusual encounter with a stranger, Maya Maxwell is driven to discover her connection to a prophecy about the Emerald Stone, a sacred tablet hidden in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

During her pursuit of the elusive stone, Maya must face her fears and make some very tough decisions about the course that her life will take. Discovering the truth will set both her and humanity free from imminent destruction. But this can only be accomplished by winning a battle against a despicable villain working on his own agenda to conquer the world.