“Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread

beyond all boundaries.”

~ Corita Kent

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here, between finishing up my Toronto painting and preparing a reveal and getting word from Art Fusion Galleries in Miami that they selected seven of my pieces for the January – March ‘Everchanging Spectrums’ Exhibition – yay exciting news! But then I had to deal with getting them all packaged up and shipped off – all in the midst of not feeling well.

I’m happy to report the unwell feeling has finally passed! Yay again! I’m feeling so much better and happy to say the art shipment is now on it’s way to Miami – whoo hoo!

Now… in all of this I posted the photo of the group of paintings selected by the gallery on Facebook, thinking this is pretty cool news. Then, I see one of the comments posted by a ‘friend’ who has been a fan of my art, or so I thought. He had the gumption to write that people who like this kind of stuff are weird and he much preferred my earlier works.

Thick skin. Thick skin. Thick skin.

Develop. Thick. Skin.

Became a mantra.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Artist’s need to develop thick skin and shrug off comments such as this – if you want to stay positive and committed to sharing art that you pour your heart and soul into – it’s a must mantra to live by.

In my earlier days as an artist, all I wanted was to create beauty to heal my heart, body and mind. Then, when I felt full enough I turned to abstract which freed me to paint what I was feeling – in all the crazy glory and angst – no holds barred and true to my body and spirit.

They might not necessarily be beautiful – but they are real, and raw, and messy, and alive – as life should be lived.

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