“There is a cry deeper than all sound

whose serrated edges cut the heart

as we break open to the place inside

which is unbreakable and whole,

while learning to sing.”

The Unbroken, Rashani Rea

Last week was filled with many starts and stops. Lots of interruptions, like an entire day without power.

Instead of fighting the current flow, or lack of flow I decided to slow everything down to match it, and I discovered there is something very beautiful in slowing down.

I think actually, it’s where an artist is meant to be… where the gift is.

I found myself caught up in the story of Colleen Saidman Yee, former model turned yoga instructor and celebrity. It was so easy to relate to her life experiences and the beauty way she has come to live… she’s near my age so understands a woman’s body as it goes through changes.

In her book, ‘Yoga for Life’ she sends courageous messages to face our fears in laying out our truth. Our deepest wounds, our shame and guilt, the things that motivate us to strive for things that will never fulfill us.

The hardships she has endured and her heroine’s journey in finding her Great Work through yoga.

She spoke of yoga in a way I knew existed and even longed for, but had quite yet to find in my quest, beyond simply doing the moves. A way to listen, understand and open to the body’s wisdom, and in the opening… the heart, mind and spirit strengthens naturally.

Filled. Me. Up.

My new love offering philosophy to nourish my artist self… find the gift in slowing down… to observe and be present to what is.




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