“The Buddha and Jesus taught exactly the same thing: you create a beautiful life by creating fertile conditions, not by asking for anything. In my own words, what I hear them saying is this: You can have anything you want – why, you can have things you don’t know you want – but not by focusing on them. Instead put your undivided attention on your connection with the vibrant presence of the Divine within, and your life will change.”


~ Janet Conner

Author, The Lotus and the Lily

Last year I completed Janet Conner’s 30-Day Soul Writing Program in the Lotus and the Lily and it was so very powerful and life affirming. It brought home to me a depth and focus that has carried me through this year.

This is the basis of it:

There are thirty experiences, one each day. The first twenty-eight are divided into four week-long explorations:

Week 1 Prepare – step into your natural spiritual power, set your intention, and create your own ritual and prayer

Week 2: Look Back – uncover all the gifts in the life you’ve created to date

Week 3: Create Space – make room for the new by releasing and forgiving the old

Week 4: Look forward – identify what you want in alignment with your soul’s desires

After twenty-eight days of rich exploration, you will spend Day 29 setting up your Soul Day. And then, on Day 30, you will give yourself something precious – a day alone with your soul.”

~ Janet Conner, The Lotus and the Lily

What it helped me do was get out of my head and my ‘thoughts’ of my life and life’s work, and helped me to receive a wonderful vision of what I am creating through my art and writing.

And, because I had this foundation as my North Star, I’ve been able, in a more focused and intentional way, to take the next real steps in creating a body of work that comes from a calling that serves something greater than me.

I sat down with her book this week to decide if I would do the full program once again this year, to close out the year and refocus for 2017.

Three pages in and that was it… decision made.

In particular, the aha moment that sunk in was that it’s not really the thing we want, it’s the feeling behind it that we crave. And, that when we live in alignment with that feeling, which has nothing to do with resisting life, but instead understand that how we live, whether from fearful or loving thoughts and beliefs creates the conditions of our lives, then we can consciously choose love over fear, in every moment.

And, that when we live with love as our core driving force, the conditions of our life will organically become that of Beauty. Every moment dictates the next. Am I expressing love or fear? Am I living love or fear? Am I reacting with love or fear?  The more we can move into living and being love with every opportunity that comes our way… the more Beauty we experience.

So, off I went to search for a beautiful journal to inspire me and this is the one that seemed to seemed to have something to say to me. It is the one that wanted to be a part of my intention setting for 2017…

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Here’s to living from the heart and soul… and, living the story you want to tell…



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