Mysteries of Creation

Mysteries of Creation

One of the ultimate mysteries of creation is the life force contained with a seed. When planting a garden we cover the seed with rich soil in order to allow it to gestate. Soon, it blossoms into a triumphant plant, bursting forth from the ground and reaching upward to the sky. The metaphor of the seed is applicable to every aspect of our lives; the seed of knowledge, the seed of truth, the seed of consciousness and on. This piece has powerful healing properties symbolized by its pure, white bursts of light, which embody the seed and the power of transformation as they blossom out of the dark earth. They are elixirs helping one find inner resources, such as courage and strength, for overcoming self-destructive patterns and emotional dependencies that undermine self-confidence. True liberation may follow, as the soul gives rise to the luminous purity of the essential self, reborn.

Mysteries of Creation—with close to 40 layers, became a meditative process inspiring me to create awareness of the beauty of being true to ourselves and casting aside doubts that only serve to keep us living small. The use of lines create added depth and dimension—represent our many aspects and layers of growth. ‘Go boldly forth!’ this piece says.

Come, Great Mystery, come
I breathe in
your tendrils
of light

and love cracks open
a space

for soul to speak.

I would be the sky
I would be the wind
the sun, the ground

to lift you higher, and
grow you stronger.

I am calling you.

Live the breathings
of your heart
with surety and fortitude
that others may gather their presence

and illuminate the invisible
embrace of beauty.

~ Kiernan Antares

Mysteries of Creation

Acrylic Abstraction on Gallery Wood Panel, 24″ x 24″

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Copyright 2016, Kiernan Antares, All Rights Reserved

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

‘Morning Glory’ was my third of four abstract paintings I did while in France.

My post Thunderstruck by love in France shares snippets of our trip – a very basic overview with also a sense of how I connected with the land and the voice within, while in The Lookout I share more intimately how I was moved to express this voice – claiming more and more of my authentic self.

Our time in France was during a Venus retrograde period; a time of reflection and emotions coming to the surface, and boy did they ever. I experienced some magnetically moving moments of love filled with so much grace as I connected with this land and my heart, but there were times it took some really low low’s to overcome to get there.

It was so indicative of this whole year, powerfully transformative, love and gratitude, mixed in with a whole lot of challenging and overwhelming moments.

It’s interesting that when I posted a work-in-progress photo of this piece on Facebook, the responses back indicated that they felt it was a depiction of a sea or ocean – very watery. My reaction to that was, ‘no no – it’s not finished then’ because to me it held more elements than just water, which represents our emotions.

It needed to be touched or balanced with more depth; from Above and Below – a processing to move the emotions into something of more substance.

Here’s another view of Morning Glory – as it was drying with the sun shining upon it. The colours look richer here probably because of the dark stones reflection around it. Hmmm… I see a hummingbird in there, reaching for its nectar…


“The hummingbird spirit animal symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being.” ~ Spirit Animal

~ Morning Glory by Kiernan Antares ~

Awaken me, oh Morning Glory
to the essential harmonies of nature,
inspire within me a renewed sense
of soulful enthusiasm
and I am yours for the taking.

My offering to the seen and unseen…

May my shimmering brilliance and vitality
spread light like a flowering vine,
In radiance,
I speak my truth, I live my dreams,
I am Vibrant, alive, and fully seen.

~ Morning Glory by Kiernan Antares ~

Abstraction on Canvas Paper, 12″ x 16″

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Copyright 2015, Kiernan Antares, All Rights Reserved