A remarkable tale of a journey to enlightenment traveled by ordinary people

Following an unusual encounter with a stranger, Maya Maxwell is driven to discover her connection to a prophecy about the Emerald Stone, a sacred tablet hidden in the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Stone holds the power to create the change required for humanity to survive the “Dark Rift”, a rare astronomical and celestial alignment that is predicted to occur on December 21, 2012. Maya is one of the four Chosen Ones destined to activate the Stone that will give birth to the Phoenix Star and lift humanity to higher levels of enlightenment.

During her pursuit of the elusive stone, Maya must learn to release the limitations that prevent her from realizing her full potential. In the process, she must make some very tough decisions about the course that her life will take. Discovering the truth of her being will set both her and humanity free from imminent destruction. But this can only be accomplished by confronting and conquering her inner demons, personified by a despicable villain working on his own agenda to conquer the world.

Phoenix Star, my debut novel was published in 2006. It was written in the midst of my New Age years and is no longer available for purchase.

I am currently in the midst of research and preparing to write my next book.