Grandfather Wisdom is the elder who carries time with him. He understands that all of life is made up of archetypal patterns, and that these impressions are imprinted in our hopes, dreams, intentions and self-knowing. What is important to know is that these patterns change with the advancement and evolution of Earth and all of the galaxies. But, Grandfather Wisdom, our Time Keeper, patiently watches over all sentient life birthed from Grandmother’s Sacred Womb, protecting us all the while.

Time Keeper is a powerful healing presence. He gracefully dances with infinity, with roots sure and strong in the ground, symbolizing the shift you are undergoing in relation to your own personal power. The masculine principle within yourself is rebalancing at this time, making you open to receive Grandfather’s Sacred Knowledge, which resides within your heart.

Time Keeper—with 60+ layers, helps us align to a higher order of personal authority and integrity. It’s dynamic fiery energy helps us to dance with life, build anew with strength while balancing wisdom and power with love and acceptance. See with an inner eye—the male and female united by a rose.

“This is the night of union,
when the stars scatter their rice over us.
The sky is excited.

Venus cannot stop singing the little songs she is making up.
Pisces is stirring milky dust from the ocean floor.
Jupiter rides his horse over to Saturn,
Old man, jump up behind me. The juice is coming back.
Think of something happy to shout as we go.

Mars washes his bloody sword, and puts it up,
and starts building things,
The Aquarian jar fills,
and the virgin pours from it generously.

It is finally time to learn how the sky is a leans to look through.”

~ Rumi


Acrylic Abstraction on Gallery Wood Panel, 30″ x 30″

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Copyright 2016, Kiernan Antares, All Rights Reserved

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