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Love Broke Open: Part Three

I cannot… I absolutely cannot… even after months… get through this song without His Grace and Glory coming up in me from the depths of my soul. And all the earth will shout Your praise Our hearts will cry, these bones will sing Great are You, Lord In Part One I...

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Love Broke Open: Part Two

Without the LOVE I wrote about in Love Broken Open: Part One, what are we… really? Where are we? What kind of life is that? Is it living? Really living fully? The Beautiful World Project came about last year because I was looking for ways to create deeper...

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Love Broke Open: Part One

I know sorrow. I know hurt. I know pain. I know suffering and I know unforgiveness. I know what it’s like to live wondering… is this it? Is this what life’s about? I know what it’s like to want to believe there’s more to life than just going through the...

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