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A Life Worthy of One Simple Word

In a world of words, I want just one. Just one that jumps out and claims me. One that tells a story within a story. One that speaks to the deepest darkest depths… of the heart of this writer’s life… the word that makes sense of the wild and crazy journey I’ve been on....

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Leaning into the Season of Change

How to live with arms wide open? Can I really do this? It’s what God really wants for us… to live… to love… to be free… it’s what I’ve committed to do. Here I am God, with arms wide open. Pouring out my life for you. Draw me near, Lord… draw me near… and teach me. I...

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A letter to my younger self

Dear little one, The world is going to try to tell you so many things about yourself, so many things it doesn’t know anything about. It’s going to try to mold you, to think certain things are important, and it’s going to make you feel like you must conform to belong....

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Love Broke Open: Part Two

Without the LOVE I wrote about in Love Broken Open: Part One, what are we… really? Where are we? What kind of life is that? Is it living? Really living fully? The Beautiful World Project came about last year because I was looking for ways to create deeper meaning to...

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