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Borne to Unfurl, Poetry Book



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Borne to Unfurl

“Borne to Unfurl is spiritual poetic storytelling at its finest. The sheer heartfelt emotion alone grips one’s soul and leaves an enduring impression on the reader’s psyche.”

— Eva Xan, Poetry Editor

My Story

I fell in love with books as a child and believe that reading is a great joy and freedom never to be taken for granted. We can live outrageous adventures, quiet introspection, and comical delights. We can have enchanting conversations with characters, with other readers, and with writers.We can grow spiritually or escape from the world for a while.

My books are about how it feels to be alive; with secrets and how they haunt us; with the passage of time and interweaving of the past with the present; the bumps, twists, and turns of family and life; grief, sorrow, and loss intermixed with love and breathtaking moments.

I love books that awaken my heart, capture my mind, and create a world where characters and settings come to life; where I can live a thousand different ways with the turn of each page.

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Once Upon a Time…

Once Upon a Time…

What is the word upon my soul, the pen the colour the brushstroke that begs everything to come alive with the beating of my heart, the blood coursing through my veins, the in and out of breath, that was shallow… lifeless before You called me, before You...

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