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Together We'll Infuse Our City Through a Work of Art

It’s my greatest passion to bring light, beauty, peace and harmony to the world through art.

Beginning right here in my home city, Toronto.

About the Our Toronto Painting Project

A BIG ASK for all my TORONTO FRIENDS! Will you help me?

I’m a born and raised Torontonian. Lived here all my life and have seen it go through so much growth and many changes in my 50+ (cough cough) years. All those buildings in the skyline? They weren’t there when I worked at the CN Tower in my high school job, only a few years after it was built. Hmmm… maybe that’s where I developed a love for living high up in the sky.

That’s me and my dad!

I’ve done a good amount of traveling in my years and there were times I thought I wanted to move somewhere more exotic, or maybe in the mountains or by the ocean. But, whenever I returned home from my trips, was I glad to be home. There is something so powerful and so true about your roots, and about where your energy is and your place in the grid, and really where you feel you are meant to be.

it's Africa!9

It’s Cape Town, South Africa!

Excitingly Toronto has become rated as one of the best cities in the world to live, and I for one love it here. We are the most multi-cultural city in the world – how cool is that?

There is a neighbourhood for everyone, you can eat your way around the world, there’s theatres, museums, meetups for just about anything you can think of, and we have our own castle! We have loads of greenspace and trails – I have a sky high view and believe me there is lots of green in the midst of this eclectic, artsy, sporty, finery city.

So here’s the thing. I’m a socially conscious abstract artist and I pour my heart and soul into my paintings.  And, what I’ve discovered along the way is this… each piece is like a doorway into my inner worlds.

A place where I get to express feelings, sensations, and the world around me in ways that words cannot convey. In return, the colours come alive with energy and healing and wisdom that has saved me. I sit with them after. I listen, I feel, and I record what the painting wants to say from these inner realms.

My experiences have brought me to this moment.

This flash of inspiration that I knew was mine to act on.

Toronto has been the ground beneath my feet, it is alive with creative energy and I want to create a painting that celebrates this bountiful presence of our city and its place in the world.

I want to pour my hopes and dreams into how it can grow into an even more evolved place to live. A city that leads the way in putting people first and proving that there is strength in diversity and creative thinking.

The Power of Intention

Lighting up the World through Love, Reverence and Art

Painting has been instrumental in teaching me about the power of intention. Many times I’ve approached the canvas with a prayer to seek wisdom, solace, or healing for myself and the world, and in the process I’ve been so fortunate to learn that when we take back our power and claim our authority for what we create or put out into the world with our thoughts and actions, we can transform what our world looks like.

I have experimented with this concept in my daily life and it has made an extraordinary impact. By replacing my negative thought patterns with positive ones, I alter the course of how I experience life.

I have also witnessed the powerful affect art can have on the viewer; how it can touch at a soul level, how it can impact a life and expand consciousness.

So, I have a vision that with our combined positive and inspiring thoughts we can create a work of art that radiates with a powerful light that ripples out…touching hearts and minds…and the pulse of our city.

I want YOUR HELP in creating this piece!

Please SAY YES!

I would so love to hear what YOU think is awesome about Toronto or YOUR HOPES and DREAMS for our city!

Will you share the word, feeling, or short inspiring story, poem or quote that comes to mind when thinking about Toronto? You can make it as long or as short as you want.

So, will you say YES? Will you join me in this passion project?

How it Works


Thank you to everyone who participated!

Thank You!

I'm Excited to be Inspired by You and Create a Unique Work of Art Filled with our Joint Energy! Click here to see the Toronto Painting Revealed!
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