Window Cracking Open - SOLD

by Kiernan Antares


11″ x 14″


on Gallery Wood Panel


Artwork Statement

Sometimes windows need to crack. And, they need to open just that little bit for messy to come in and break the brittle crusted barriers around the heart. What would happen if we let it? Maybe the body would experience miracles. Maybe our lovers would look into our watery eyes, with watery eyes of their own while whispering the secrets of their own heart… letting you know you’re not alone… that you are loved… that you are important in their world. Maybe then the world will feel a little bit safer, and brighter, and hopeful. Maybe then our dreams will be nourished by the inner fortitude that’s growing in the allowing of our deepest self seeping in through the crack.

Window Cracking Open—represents a true merging of understanding, healing, and love for self and others. When we have the courage to feel, to be still and feel, a light shines revealing perfection in the imperfection of ourselves and our lives. Messy is not very pretty, but it’s often necessary to let us go down the road we seek—because the truth sets us free. If we’re lucky, one day maybe we’ll find where we’re coming from and where we’re going to.

When we are with you,

What fear of loss could we possibly have?


You change every grief to gold.

You give us the key to each world we come to.


You sweeten the lips of those we love

And open their mouths in desire.


You are beyond all guessing,

Yet within each guess.

Hidden, yet beginning to be revealed.


We have fallen into the sugar shaker.

We are the ground beneath you.

Let someone else  describe the sky.

~ Rumi

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