Unfurling Glory

by Kiernan Antares


40″ x 30″


on Gallery Wood Panel

Artwork Statement

Filled with Equinox blessings, this piece radiates life springing forth. The Equinox is a time when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal. In philosophical terms, it signifies an essence infused with the upright, majestic power of a masculine will, even as it opens the heart to a luminous feminine quality of love and compassion. The archetypal path is that of the Solar King and Lunar Queen directing us to a union of Divine Will and Universal Love, reaching upward toward the light above and then bowing to the night within. This empowerment helps us build the world with the foundation of our deepest values and guiding principles. During this time we have unprecedented access to transformation and the fulfilling of our inner visions.

Unfurling Glory—graced with the presence of abstracted butterflies, asks you, what is your inner vision? What in your life is being transformed or built? Whatever it may be, notice the four beams of light that represent concentration, responsibility, devotion, and diligence as the cornerstones necessary to accomplish your true goals.

What souls desire arrives.
We are standing up to our necks in the sacred pool.

Majesty is here.
The grains of the earth take in something they do not understand.

Where did this come from?
It comes from where your longing comes.

From which direction?
As ripeness comes to fruit.

This answer lights a candle in the chest of anyone who hears.

Most people only look for the way when they hurt.
Pain is a fine path to the unknowable.

But today is different.
Today the quality we call spendor puts on human clothes, walks through the door, closes it behind, and sits down with us in this companionship.

~ Rumi

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