The Hidden

by Kiernan Antares


40″ x 30″


on Gallery Wood Panel

On Exhibition at

Art Fusion Galleries, Miami

Artwork Statement

“I ask my heart, Why do you keep looking

for the delights of love?


I hear the answer back, Why will you not join me

in this companionship?


This is the conversation of being a human being,

the living doubleness.


Cool and in motion like water,

placed and passionate like fire.


Subtle as wind, yet obvious

as a wine glass poured to the brim,

spilled over and drunk down

all at once for a toast.


Like rain, you make any image more vivid.

Like a mirror, you can be trusted to hold beauty.


There are mean people who see only meanness

reflected in your beauty, but they are wrong.


You are pure soul

and made of the ground.


You are eyeshadow

and the kindness in eyelight.


A ruby from no telling which mine,

let yourself be set in a seal ring.


Lift the sword-discernment

that rules a thousand compassions.


Shams in the lovely shape of Shams,

spring-source of invisible meaning.”


~ Rumi


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