The Alchemist

by Kiernan Antares


11″ x 16″ Acrylic

on Gallery Wood Panel

Artwork Statement

The Alchemist is a sum of all things and you get to choose what your expression is in life, and what you want to create. It holds the potential of all things. Cloaked in a garment of nature, situated between the sun and moon, the Above and Below, the rich and moist land represents the fertile mysteries of a new world gestating within you. This panoramic view of Gaia offers the wisdom of time, reminding you that there is a season for every experience and a meaningful cycle for every earthly transformation.

The Alchemist—turning lead into gold is the loving presence you may contact when you visit mountains, oceans, waterfalls, gardens, forests, meadows, and canyons. It encourages you to offer gratitude to the elders who inspire you with great visions of hope. Colours of transformation; violet, white, gold support your quest for self-realization while turquoise aids in speaking your truth, green your healing, orange your creativity and red your force to manifest our dreams.

You are starlight, you are fair,

the wild in the wind, and the sun kissed air,

the mercurial tide and magical moon,

the fragrant petal and elegant bloom,

the gentle whisper evening brings,

the song for the moon each tide sings,

you are the dreaming tree who aches for sky,

the gilded wings that gold the sky,

a spark to light a burning fuse,

the gift of inspiration, the artist’s muse.

~ R. Queen

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