Tender Embrace

by Kiernan Antares


42″ x 42″


on Gallery Wood Panel

On Exhibition at

Art Fusion Galleries, Miami

Artwork Statement

Sunken treasures, lost hopes, broken hearts, and tearful goodbyes are all aspects of the emotional journey we all must encounter in life. Though these times are painful, with each new breath what seems lost will be regained a thousand times over as we reconstruct and gain an improved sense of self and hopefulness. When we are willing to allow deep emotions to flow, there is invariably a gift of love at the other side. Sorrow brings the tidings of joy. This is the bittersweet aspect of love.

Tender Embrace—encourages us to believe it is never too late to reinvent ourselves, to remember the precious and childhood innocence of our life by stopping to feel, listen and pour love into ourselves and our past. By allowing ourselves time to feel our emotions and honour the process of introspection with gentleness, new revelations gently come forward to heal our broken hearts.

New life emerges and with it comes a fullness of ease, joy and gratitude for the beauty within us and around us.

“I’ll throw


voice into

the stars and maybe

the echo of my words will

be written for you

in the clouds by


All I am trying

to say is

I will love


through the darkness.”

~ Christopher Poindexter

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