Stellar Blessings

by Kiernan Antares


48″ x 60″


on Gallery Wood Panel

Artwork Statement

I have to believe that when your heart stirs you to something, a greatness, a dream, a relationship, then the universe conspires to make it so. Our job is to free ourselves of all the ways our thoughts tell us it isn’t possible and become ready to receive the influx of abundance awaiting us. What if, it is not us who have the dreams, but the dreams that have us—and it is they who are calling to us to bring them to fruition? Imagine! Doesn’t that change the whole truth of what you know? If the dream exists and it has chosen you, it must be for a reason—it must be because it is possible. May you believe. May you believe… that you are more than enough to make it so.

Stellar Blessings—Is filled with the radiant light of a great star bestowing good fortune upon you. Find yourself in this field of luscious flowers and receive its abundant tidings of love, joy, wealth and freedom. Release all fear that would block its grace and instead focus on the love and safety within that is your true state. Find that which your whole body and your heart and soul says YES to and go do that—because the world needs you.

“Last night,
I saw the realm of joy and pleasure.
There I melted like salt;
no religion, no blasphemy,
no conviction or uncertainty remained.
In the middle of my heart,
a star appeared,
and the seven heavens were lost in its brilliance.”

~ Rumi

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