Fire it Up

by Kiernan Antares


30″ x 40″


on Gallery Wood Panel

Artwork Statement

We’ve all been hurt and had our heart’s broken. We’ve all experienced disappointment and disillusionment. Sometimes we close down and don’t even realize we’ve been living in the shadows, keeping our heartfelt dreams buried. But, at some point we’ve got to get back in the game and our soul makes sure we do. Maybe gently or maybe with a big bang.

Let love live again! That’s what we’ve got to do. We’ve got to open our heart and ignite it—breathe into our dreams, into the love that explodes with fiery energy if we invite it. We’ve got to take chances. We’ve got to take that leap over the cliff and let our wings open and show us how to soar above it all and create visions of beauty—sharing that unique essence that is us. It’s what we came for; to love and dream, love and dream, and keep getting back up to LIVE.

Fire it Up—fueled with passion and energy! That big bang in the center, touched with gold leaf—think of two galaxies colliding into love, into dreams ignited and fulfilled.

Here we are together you and me
Still trying to figure out the world
Searching for a reason to believe
What makes this big ball turn?
But if we hold on to each other
Give love, show love for all love’s worth
Yeah, they might call us crazy
But, tell me who’s it gonna hurt?
Who’s it gonna hurt?

And her heart said: “Fire it up”
And her soul said: “Fire it up”
And her mind said: “Fire it up”
Let love live again

~ Joe Cocker

In this painting – it was Joe Cocker singing ‘Fire it Up’ and when I really listened to the words – whoa! It totally vibrated to how I was feeling and what was being expressed onto the panel. Enjoy!

Another passion of mine is music, and for me, painting and music go together like breathing and air. It stirs my soul and infuses me with energy, aliveness, movement and emotions.

Sometimes I can be found rocking it out with the canvas, other times I don’t even hear the music while I paint – I must go off somewhere. But, usually when the music is infusing me there’s always one song that seeps into my soul and speaks while I paint more than the others – it grabs me and I know that song has special meaning to the piece I’m working on.

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