Dance of the Deep Waters

by Kiernan Antares


16″ x 16″


on Gallery Wood Panel

Artwork Statement

“I never get enough of laughing with you, this wild humor.

Thirsty and dry, I complain,

but everything is made of water.

Lonely, yet my head leans against your shirt.

My wounded hands are your hands.


Do something drastic.


You say, Come and sit in the innermost room,

where you will be safe from the love-thief.


I reply, But I have tried to be the ring knocker on your door,

So you will not have to be always letting me in and out.


You say, No. You stand on the threshold waiting,

and you are here in the inner chamber too.

You are at home in both places.


I love the quietness of such an answer.

Come to this table of quietness.”

~ Rumi

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