Canta Libre

by Kiernan Antares


30″ x 40″ Acrylic

on Gallery Wood Panel

On Exhibition at

Art Fusion Galleries, Miami

Artwork Statement

In the face of life’s inevitable changes, Canta Libre’s shinning trumpet’s of light herald a time of transformation and rebirth, while ushering in a higher awareness and a loosening of the grip of ego identification, so that a pure heart, mind and voice can be set free. Shimmering beautifully, they assist in the singing of life—becoming balanced in heart and mind to find nonreactive solutions in a world of limited resources and human imperfection.

What areas of your life need reordering? Canta Libre—means to sing free— and it reminds you that in the right order of things, outer manifestation of beauty comes only as a crowning of the inner being, after one has truly opened to joy and a willingness to change. In this way, men and women are enabled to walk humbly towards a future world of justice, harmony and balance.

Canta Libre—with dozens of layers of paint and glaze, offers us a portal to reflect into and touch the tendrils of the spirit of humanity; both the yin and yang. Balancing wisdom, love, reality, practicality, creativity and more—birthing a new being of crowning glory—singing free and of life.

Canta Libre—Received Special Recognition in the Light Space Time ‘Abstract Art Exhibition”

Canta mi corazon
(Sing my heart)

Para los ninos
(for the children)

Y sus ninos
(and your children)

Canta libre
(sing free)

De mi madre
(of my mother)

Y mi padre
(and my father)

Canta libre
(sing free)

Cante Libre
(sing free)

~ Neil Diamond

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