Call of the Wild

by Kiernan Antares


36″ x 36″


on Gallery Wood Panel

On Exhibition at

Art Fusion Galleries, Miami

Artwork Statement

In her heart of hearts she hears a call to move beyond anything she can imagine. She can feel the potential within her and knows the only thing separating her from her dream is in her mind. Yet how does one break free of the constructs of suppression? Like a garden needing regular care and watering to blossom and nourish, her inner garden of the Soul and the heart needs wild love. They need to be seen and appreciated for the beauty they are, and then when the seedlings grow the inner beauty glows outward to transform her outer world.

When the Call of the Wild—rages and dances within there can only be one truth—that she does have great power and wisdom within, she merely needs to provide channels for it to flow and be active and empowered in her life. In this opening, she spreads her wings wide, gathers her self and soars into the rainbow of colour and possibilities where she discovers it was inside her all along.

Check out my artwork video below about Call of the Wild!

“Sunlight washes a dark face.

The flower of what is true opens in the face.

Meadow grass and garden ground grow damp again.

A strong light like fingers massages our heads.

No dividing these fingers from those.


Draw back the lockbolt.

One level flows into another.

Heat seeps into everything.

The passionate pots boil.

Clothing tears into the air.

Poets fume shreds of steam,

Never so happy as out in the light.”

~ Rumi

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