Beyond the Mask

by Kiernan Antares


30″ x 30″


on Gallery Wood Panel

Artwork Statement

Stepping out of your normal comfort zones of what you consider beautiful, expected, or accepted takes courage—like the herculean effort of a woman opening the mouth of a lion. It also requires faith that whatever happens, you’re going to be better off for the experience. You’re going to be more real. You and the world are going to see beyond the mask you present, and live in a deeper truth of self.

You won’t know you have it in you until you’re ready, until you NEED moments of insanity to break free from the restraints that have held you bondage. When that happens there is nothing that can be done except dare to follow the heart and take the risk to explode onto the canvas of your life.

Beyond the Mask—infuses you with the strength and courage to look beyond  the disguise, beyond the personality world, and beyond the surface and stereotypes to find all of the potentials within you. A new light of being will be rebirthed representing your evolutionary future where you become in-sync with both the temporal and heavenly attributes known as ‘As Above, So Below’.

The great ocean of the heart plays and spends

its coral and its pearls, giving everything away,

holding nothing back.


The body, a seashell, opens its mouth.

Ah, says the ocean-heart,

If the soul could not find a way in,

How am I to fit?”

~ Rumi

I have felt a deep urge, a deep compelling urge in my last couple of paintings to paint with more intensity for shorter periods of time with abandon. There’s been something inside that has been wanting, no needing to be expressed. The music I typically listen to when I paint can range from new age where I can tune into the Divine realms, to pop/rock where I can dance and express empowerment and joy.

This piece, however needed something different. It needed a different sort of edge – something to take me to some place that I don’t even have the words to describe. It’s pure rawness, releasing and letting go of any sort of rules. Pharoah Sanders – Village Of The Pharoahs was just the music to take me there, and as my friend who introduced me to this music, Shaggy says, ‘you got to be open and let it wash over you.’ So that’s what I did, and Beyond the Mask was created. Thank you Shaggy!

Another passion of mine is music, and for me, painting and music go together like breathing and air. It stirs my soul and infuses me with energy, aliveness, movement and emotions.

Sometimes I can be found rocking it out with the canvas, other times I don’t even hear the music while I paint – I must go off somewhere. But, usually when the music is infusing me there’s always one song that seeps into my soul and speaks while I paint more than the others – it grabs me and I know that song has special meaning to the piece I’m working on.

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