Ancient Mystic

by Kiernan Antares


42″ x 42″


on Gallery Wood Panel

Artwork Statement

For several months I had visions of painting a being one such as this. The image would not leave me, and finally as I felt into this piece and prepared to add it’s final layers, I knew it was the right background for it to appear. When I gaze upon it now, I sense the presence of the Himalayan Mountains, as this Ancient Mystic appears through a doorway of the Hidden Realms.

In the weeks leading up to this painting, I had been contemplating my life journey; from my childhood to the spirit of that which drew me to pilgrimages through the lands of Egypt and South Africa—and to the Japanese Buddhist Monk that appeared in my life to help prepare me for the latter journey, with him accompanied many great Masters of other worlds.

Ancient Mystic—awakens hearts to a love divine—a love that reveals your beauty, that moves you to touch, to see, to hear the previously unreachable. It stands before you, before your generosity and asks; “Sir/Madam, who are you?”

“Give yourself a kiss.

If you live in China, do not look somewhere else,

In Tibet or in Mongolia.


If you want to hold the beautiful one,

Hold yourself to yourself.


When you kiss the beloved,

touch your own lips with your fingers.”

~ Rumi

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