by Kiernan Antares


42″ x 42″

Mixed Media

on Gallery Wood Panel

Artwork Statement

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”
~ Oscar Wilde

This piece began with an aha and an intention to explore it in colour. The aha is life-altering—that to love and accept oneself, surrendering the notion that we must change to somehow be more worthy in the world, is the path to lasting happiness. And, that to creatively self-express our notions and feelings is the therapist of all therapists, leading us to wholeness in a what that nothing else can. Truly, when we embrace creative expression it can become our closest passion, friend and ally. The ONE who really gets us.

An-Nur—means The Light, being able to see the heart’s light in the face. This happens when we walk with flames burning away all the things we’ve come to believe that limit who we think we are and would have us believing that we are but shadows of our Truth.

Process Photos

I had a burning desire to collage onto this panel some papyrus sheets I’ve had for years.

Papyrus is a thick type of paper material originally prepared in ancient Egypt from the pithy stem of a water plant, used in sheets throughout the ancient Mediterranean world for writing or painting on and also for making rope, sandals, and boats.

With my handmade Tibetan singing bowl I called in the angels.

Finished Detail Photos

“Light again, and the one who brings light.

Change the way you live.


From the ocean-vat, wine-fire in each cup.

Two or three of the long-dead wake up.

Two or three drunks become lion hunters.


Sunlight washes a dark face.

The flower of what is true opens in the face.

Meadow grass and garden ground grow damp again.

A strong light like fingers massages our heads.

No dividing these fingers from those.


Draw back the lockbolt.

One level flows into another.

Heat seeps into everything.

The passionate pots boil.

Clothing tears into the air.

Poets fume shreds of steam,

Never so happy as out in the light.”

~ Rumi

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