Great Wakener

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 Original 48″ x 36″ acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas.

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I will have lived

My body, and

my spirit

knowing what to do,

even when I didn’t.


I will have lived

Time after time

after time,

even when I didn’t.


I will have lived

Rising up, again and again, and

again with a purpose

finally fulfilled.


I will have lived

With the sunlight guiding

my every wakening, and

the moonlight kissing

my sleeps with star dust.


I will have lived

For the Great Wakening

for You, with

a labyrinth etched in my heart.


Borne with a Great Love,

the ancients sing their songs,

my voice box the instrument

my body the way

my vision the map.


I hear you

I feel you

I see you.


For you,

I will have lived.

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48 x 36in


Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas