Brunswick by the Sea

Brunswick by the Sea by Kiernan Antares
BRUNSWICK BY THE SEA by Kiernan Antares | Acrylic & Oil on 24″ X 30″ Gallery Wood Panel | #18P-001-137-BW

Artwork Statement

As a young city girl living in the midst of noise, I became aware of something very special—in the stillness, there exists a voice that cuts through the darkness and touches the soul. Maybe it tells a story of the places we live, why we’re there, why it feels like home, and what we’re meant to do.

At the family cottage, or visiting family in the East Coast, the sun, the moon, the stars, the land; the rivers and creeks I walked and listened to, the lakes and oceans I would swim in or watch the ripples and tides, the trees and leaves that whispered in their steadfast existence… everything would connect and fill me somehow with God’s presence.

In this Canada Legacy Series, I’m using both imagination, real life experience, and prayers to tap into the beauty of the land and peoples to paint and write the impressions that come. To simply be an interpreter… bringing forth the beauty, power, wisdom, love and grace of the LAND-SEA-SKY and the ever-present, ever-loving Creator of all.

Brunswick by the Sea (NB)—an abstract representation of the ‘hidden gem of the Canadian Maritimes’, with its unique culture and heart-stopping beauty of the East Coast’s province of New Brunswick. Blessed with  the freshest seafood (the best lobster in the world in my humble opinion), the warmest salt water in Canada, the world’s highest tides with claims you can walk on the ocean floor, its Acadian culture, and untouched nature from land to mountain cliffs with some of the best wilderness hiking trails around.

During our family vacations driving to Nova Scotia in the summertime when I was a young girl, we breezed through New Brunswick on the TransCanada Highway. Dad wasn’t one for stopping much on these long drives. He just wanted to get there, there being his hometown in Cape Breton Island to visit with family.

I don’t remember much of New Brunswick as it passed by. I probably had my nose stuck in a book. So, when my son, my ex and I took a motorhome trip one summer to New Brunswick for his big family reunion, I didn’t have a lot of expectations. We drove down into the United States first, and toured around Maine—ah what gorgeousness. I have a love for anything coastal so that was a true delight.

We then headed up and into the northern part of New Brunswick, and I was astounded by it’s beauty. I had no idea of the lush summer that abounded. Yes, the culture is definitely Acadian, much French spoken here, the sandy beaches, the mountains, the tides. If I thought Maine lobster was good, it had nothing on New Brunswick lobster. Nothing like it anywhere. Family gathered on picnic benches, digging in to the most mouth-watering tasty, freshly cooked crustaceans.

Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of visiting the Bay of Fundy, which boasts the highest tides in the world and whale watching. Imagine, when the water is in kayaking, when it’s out you walk on the ocean floor.

Do a Google search on New Brunswick and you’ll be wanting to book a vacation there. So much beauty to explore. I had no idea! Too much to even choose what things to highlight. Except I might mention Campobello Island, which is off the Coast of Maine but located in New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy. It is the location of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park – and the former summer home of President Franklin Roosevelt.

Below it,  is the Head Harbour Lightstation on Campobello Island, which is the second oldest lighthouse in New Brunswick. It’s accessible on foot at low tide only, and it appears that maybe somehow this has been an inspiration in the painting, or perhaps Roosevelt’s summer home.

Being a maritime province, I naturally assumed that I would be using lots of blue in the painting. I had variations of blue paint lined up, but when it came time to paint, I couldn’t seem to make it happen. I tried numerous times. It just wasn’t working.

You might wonder about so much red and green, maybe a lighthouse, maybe the Roosevelt house, maybe I had lobsters and greenery from the scenic drive on my brain, but there you have it…

Brunswick by the Sea…