Kiernan Antares

Artist, Poet, and Writer Based in Toronto

Inspired and poetic, Kiernan Antares exemplifies a life lived dedicated to a creatively captivating calling. She believes that when you find that which saves you it has the power to heal your heart, and free you to experience a joy beyond all understanding.

Through her art, writings and teachings, Antares has inspired countless people to rewrite their stories and honour the calling that resides deep in their soul. Her paintings and writings are described as intense, bold, alive with vibrancy and hauntingly beautiful – filled with revelations that stir powerful emotions and feed hungry hearts.

KIERNAN ANTARES is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Illuminate Journal, a literary, art and faith-based magazine, Founder of the Inspired Writers Group, author of the novel Phoenix Star – An Adventure of the Spirit, and an award-winning artist. Her work and has been licenced by Blue Angel Publishing and featured in Centerpoint Magazine, Indigo Sun Magazine, Journey of the Heart and Awakening Women Institute. Her art is in collections around the world.