Thunderstruck by love in France

Ah… none of my photos do any amount of justice to the magnificent scenery of the Beaujolais region of France, where we stayed for the month of August.

None captured the simple need to sit and gaze, to sit and gaze and breathe it all in for days on end.

My intention for this trip was to unplug from social media, from being influenced and swayed by what others are doing, to rest and rejuvenate my heart, and to listen, really listen to the voice and stirrings within.

At some point as an artist, and I suppose as a person in general, there comes a time to take all the technical aspects you’ve learned in how to express yourself and set them free, with loving gratitude, and then open the door to let the wild and truly authentic you enter.

Painting abstracts has become that doorway for me this year, and getting away to just be, without any expectations was the most delicious experience to nourish this need, this yearning to explode on to the canvas with the colour and light of my soul and spirit.

I spent days lounging, tanning and swimming – oh the sun felt so good on my back and I could feel my bones soaking up its powerful rays by day…


and its healing grace by evening with friends…


There is such yin and yang evident in the world, in every way of living, of being, of doing. I’ve been learning that these differences are necessary and healthy to balance and compliment each other.

Paul and I are similar in some ways and different in so many others. He needs to keep busy and focused on building something spectacular, which he does with grace and devotion (and I respect tremendously), whereas, I need lots of solitude to connect with the spirit of life so that I can paint and share it as an artist and writer. Different, yes but complimentary. The trip filled both our needs, and our love had a chance to thrive in France, for which I am eternally grateful. (Oh look… check out my silvers!)


This trip was filled with so much heart and inspiration. It was also filled with some challenging physical setbacks, opportunities for growth and experiencing the power of love as a transformation force.

It was filled with laughter, support and sharing…


Some girl time…


Some chilling cafe time…


There was visiting with the Black Madonna of Lyon time…


Visiting an old castle…


now used as an art gallery time…


There was the magic of Paris time… the City of Lights, which captures and excites my heart with every visit…


Visiting with Magdalene time…


Some gallery time, where I got to see one of my favourite’s, ‘The Dance Class’ (a thrill to satisfy my ballerina heart) by Edgar Degas up close at the D’Orsy Museum…


and yes, some painting time…

Where I got to feel the heart of the land, the heart of spirit, the heart of my soul and listen deeply to its urgings…

PicMonkey Collage France Paintings

On the left: Mountain Pride – SOLD

On the top right: The Lookout – SOLD

On the middle right: Morning Glory

On the bottom right: Illuminated Hearts

I’ll be posting these pieces separately on my blog

Being away for so long really felt like a reset and the unplugging a necessity. This really has been and continues to be such a potent year for reflection and releasing what no longer serves, for seeing where my heart is still closed, seeking spirit’s guidance to open it more, and for preparing for new beginnings.

In fact, to help in all this I am doing a major decluttering home project. Anything and everything that no longer sparks joy is being blessed and released. Then, taking it a step further we’re making a renovation list to give our home a good refresh and reorganization to support our joyful inspired life’s vision.

Shaking things up good!

I celebrate LOVE in all it’s high’s and low’s. I celebrate the POWER of LOVE as a force of healing and grace. I celebrate the truth’s that connect our heart’s to each other and the ONE. I celebrate the gifts that lie within each of us.

I celebrate my continued passion for painting and serving the world in my inner transformation, joy and fulfillment.

May you be blessed by the spirit of love,