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Commission a painting to celebrate a special event, mark a milestone, or give a unique gift to someone important to you.

Kiernan has the unique ability to translate emotion into art. I own four pieces of abstract collection, after initially falling in love with a piece that she made personally for me with the very vague guidance on my behalf of asking her to capture the essence of a tough period that I was going through. What resulted was a beautiful piece that resonated with me both emotionally and aesthetically. If I had it my way (and if I had a bigger apartment!), I would buy every single piece of her abstract collection. Her talent is impressive, her style unique, and her passion is unbridled. I am forever a fan! Dr. Delilah Topic, Hon Bsc, MD, FRCPC

Medical Oncologist


Let’s sit down or talk on the phone, have a cup of tea and discover whether commissioning a painting is the right fit for you.


We’ll discuss your intentions, desires and inspirations and we’ll dive into colours, shapes, and designs to get a feel for your story and what magical healings wants to take place.


Now the important details I’ve gathered come to life on canvas. This is where I express your brilliant spirit on the canvas with every brush stroke and it comes alive with energy to create a new story of your life.


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