Phase I: Exploring Diversity Across Canada

Weaving Together Painterly Stories of Our Past, Present & Potential Across Territories & Provinces to Celebrate a Full Expression of the Truth and Beauty of Canada
There are so many things that I love about Canada, one of them being that it suits my nature so beautifully. We are, generally speaking, a peace loving people. We are kind, compassionate and accepting of diversity. That’s not to say that we don’t have our wrong-doings, but I like to think we are doing our best to be a light in the world.

As a young Canadian, I was entranced by the idea that we were somehow part of a more highly evolved society based on our relatively unique model of liberal democracy. Now I am coming to see not only the challenges therein and the work required to live up to Canada’s potential, but also the context of the country as an opportunity to not only celebrate diversity, but also to continuously learn, to confront blind spots, and to embrace opportunities for sustained growth based upon being challenged on every level.

The truth is none of us really knows much of anything and our great country has wondrously come to offer us the widest possible array of physical, human, environmental, cultural and spiritual opportunities to deeply experience the depth and breadth of human potential, meaning and endeavour.”

~ Jeff Melanson

A Canadian arts leader who for the last decade and a half has worked within the fine arts community and public sector in some of Canada’s most culturally vibrant cities.

My plan with this phase of the Canada’s Beautiful World project is to take the next nine months exploring each of the Territories and Provinces; it’s history, culture, peoples, arts, and stories, and connect with the land and spirit to create paintings dedicated to expressing a voice, values and lessons each of us brings in creating a new frontier.

The Arts and Culture play a critical role in the life of a country. They tell us who we are (or who we are supposed to be) and can help us articulate what we want to become. How can Art and Culture support our collective journey to a more inclusive Canada? How can we make the Art and Culture more inclusive and more reflective of the stories that we are?”

~ Jeff Melanson

Arts and Inclusion, Canadian Race Relation Foundation's (CRRF) National Conference Panel

I am really excited about this project, the researching, learnings and ultimate creative expressions that will result. I’ve traveled in seven of the ten provinces and looking forward to reconnecting with them and virtually exploring the rest of Canada.

I hope you follow along!

Nine Months & Thirteen Paintings

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