I’m Kiernan Antares and I’m on a mission to live the Word as a beautiful expression of art.

I believe with all my heart that when we find that which saves us,
it heals and transforms the very fabric of our existence.

It is this I hold dear as I paint, write and speak messages of love,
hope and inspiration.

Paintings alive with movement, energy and vibrant colour to uplift your spirit and beautify your space.

Translating emotion and energy into abstract paintings on wood panel, alive with transcendent powerful vibrancy, transforming darkness into light, inspired by God, nature, a poetic muse and life experiences.

Maybe you're someone...

Who has an open heart and keen mind. You want to reflect that in your style, and have an experience of art to invigorate your spirits and energize your life. My paintings are designed to help you do just that.

What you can expect...

Let my art help you affirm your faith in our creator! You’ll be drawn in to experience colour like never before, and have a work of art that will captivate and inspire you for years to come.

I know first hand how finding our faith can lead us from darkness into light. Having lived the first four decades of my life with eating disorders, debilitating bouts of depression, and severe chronic pain that forced me to walk with a cane for a while, I lived in depths of despair that my sensitive nature could no longer endure. I questioned the meaning of life year after year, until I finally surrendered to my pain and turned to seeking something that would fill my days with some amount of happiness. I couldn’t have been more surprised to discover that slowing down life and letting go of pressure would be the key to opening my heart and discovering joy in the brush and the word.

But, after a period of time I began to feel restless and questioned the meaning of it all – of my life and my new age/spiritual beliefs. While art opened up a new world to me, I still felt a deep loneliness and the self-absorption of creativity kept me bound living in the ways of the world.

Eventually, something I never could have imagined began to happen. An answer to deep prayers. Deep heart-felt, tear-stained prayers. A calling to invite a relationship with Christ. I tentatively sought ways to do this and it took months to finally reach out. Months where this longing grew stronger day-by-day.

I walked one day into a church community that immediately felt like family. It felt like it was mine. In all the years I studied different philosophies, none really felt like mine. This one did.

I’ve been going every opportunity I can, studying the scriptures, and honestly blown away by the teachings and how my life, my heart and even my body is healing and miraculously transforming into love, joy and deep inner peace.

It is no exaggeration to say that I’m in tears a lot these days with these miracles, as I am on the journey to baptism.

I am excited to begin creating many new pieces with God and the Word as my muse in the coming months and years. How exalting it feels to begin living dedicated to celebrating and spreading this hope and joy in the world!

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

~ Ecclesiastes 9:10

Thank you for visiting and spending a moment in my expression of joy.

I invite you to check out MY ARTWORK or COMMISSION A CUSTOM PIECE

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